The mc find command supports querying for objects on an S3-compatible host. ... contents of directories whose names match the specified PCRE regex pattern.. S3cmd is a tool for managing objects in Amazon S3 storage. It allows for ... --rexclude=REGEXP Filenames and paths matching REGEXP (regular expression).... A regular expression, or regex for short, is a set of strings that specify a pattern in a string. Regular expressions enable content to be programmatically evaluated.... The following example will set max age to 900 for HTML files and 777600000 for all other files when uploaded to the S3 target. // RegEx pattern that matches file.... Mar 11, 2021 Ruby style regexp of keys to exclude from the bucket. Note that files matching the pattern are skipped after they have been listed. Consider using.... May 6, 2019 This post contains an overview and tutorial of AWS S3 Batch Operations. S3 Batch let you run tasks against large numbers of existing objects in S3. ... only run against the keys matching the regex pattern, like /{image|video}/.. _raw field contains the pattern. Opera : First, make sure you have a Route and Pipeline configured to match desired events. Next, let's add a Regex Filter... 877e942ab0










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